No matches on tinder android

no matches on tinder android

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How to solve the "no matches" problem in Tinder (android) (self. Tinder) out it didn't help much because it simply has a problem with not giving you any matches. no matches on tinder android

No matches on tinder android - truth

Log in with Facebook. It needs application on the PC not allowing to work on pc. Using android for PC does not fix it either. So I reinstalled again, same process. Try typing that persons name in the Search bar at the top of the all Matches screen. Upload and share photos.

No matches on tinder android - have

To prove the bug exists I made a little test:. Swipe left is Tinder-speak for rejecting a match. Looks like tinder not only does not match you properly but does not show all the people around you. You can obtain more in depth information using comparison articles that will compare specific dating sites. Need a photo removed? If you see a post violating the rules please report it.