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The rise of the instant hook-up: Looking for love? Log on. It's THE way to date these days. By Lucy Hancock.

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Join Join Interested in sexual liberation at your fingertips? Or is it a sex-positive hook-up app? Although the app has yet to be approved in the iTunes marketplace, the creators of the app, Roman Sidorenko and Alexander Kukhtenko, said they interviewed women and discovered there was a marketplace for it.

Reprinted with permission from Clutch. Are we supposed to instant hook up that this instant hook up Red Riding Hood creature is excited to have its face smushed in circles by our clumsy, germy hands?

If my vagina looked like this I would be terrifiedto touch myselflest one day it snapped and decided to devour my entire forearm. Anyway, aside from Nightmare Vagina whose name is Happy, dear Lordthis app looks kind of cool. The interesting thing, for me, is that aside from basic technique tipsthe app appears to pit you against fellow users to see who can masturbate the most efficiently matchmaker app often.

Patricia Hernandez at Kotaku is troubled by thisbecause women are already taught that their sexualities are part of a competition. I could also easily see this rapidly growing out of proportion - can you challenge your friends to Orgasm Races? Is this gonna be like when everybody was obsessed with their Klout score for some reason? Can we become the Foursquare Mayor of our own vaginas? As I explored, it became eminently clear that while HPT might not be a flawless way hooup incorporating sex and technology, it is certainly filling a need.

Because when it comes to sex-related applications, the Internet is surprisingly, and tragically, lacking. This idea actually has a lot of potential - scheduled reminders not to orgasm, maybe, or little timers that could tell you when to hold it, hold it, hold, it - okay come right now. Alas, it was mostly just pages and pages of poorly formatted explanations of how reverse cowgirl can help stimulate the clitoris. This was not the case. I guess the pelvic floor exercises got me going a little, but I actually got more turned on writing those suggestions just now than this app could ever hope to accomplish.

The Verdict: See above. Of Note: It kept freezing, which did lead me to some pretty entertaining mental visions of a naked couple crankily tapping at their iPhone screens while their bowl of Jell-O jiggles, sad and neglected, in the background. This is a book of lesbian erotica of which you can download the first chapter for free. The Verdict: What is with these apps and freezing unnecessarily? The porn was okay, kind of, but I kept going to scroll down and having to stop and wait for the app to catch up with my request.

Kinda kills the buzz. The Verdict : I was curious, so I thought real hard about burly dudes touching each other and stuck my phone on my stomach just to see what kind of vibrations I was recording. Maybe this is because I just really love seeing data mapped out, but it was genuinely awesome to see how my breathing rate increased as I got closer to finishing. It also automatically logs your time, which I am totally going to use to try to get my two-minute jack-off technique down to a science.

I, for one, instant hook up, am genuinely looking forward to trying out HappyPlayTime. The carpal tunnel factor is just a risk I will have to take. We hold nothing back. Join our judgement-free conversations. I mean, there are plenty of things to be worried about when you bring a stranger into your house and get naked with them, but I love it.

I love fucking someone and then kicking them out of my bed and never talking to them again. Sex with someone you love is awesome, but you already know that. Sex is a deeply spiritual experience. Sex brings us into the present, grounds us in our bodies, invites us to let go of our demons and our insecurities and embrace the most radical funny fake bios and love the universe has to offer.

How could that possibly lead to singles hook up of enlightenment? First, you have to release the shame about casual sex. When you love someone, instant hook up, having sex is about mushing your bodies together because you want to mush your souls together. Casual sex is none of that. Casual sex is about worshiping the human body apart from the personality that inhabits it.

Twitter dating site is Platonism, reaching up to the Forms above and bringing them down to project on to a human. I appreciate the people who know me deeply because they help me face my brokenness with love, instant hook up. Clint Seiter, a gay Buddhist, calls this Archetypical Sex as opposed to Intimate Sex. The partner loses his own personality and identity and becomes an ideal of the Male. In successful Archetypical Sex, the egos of both partners can dissolve into the act of sex itself.

Archetypical Sex is a form of worship to a principle of beauty momentarily incorporated within the body of a partner. Discovering something that makes this person writhe or moan is always exciting.

Sometimes you get a near-virgin, sometimes you get a licensed sex therapist. Either I fall hard for someone on that first date and we enter a months-long period of having regular sex and spending time together with all our clothes on, of courseor I take the person home with me, fuck them and never speak again.

These are the two most loving options. The first love is obvious, but the second is equally sacred. Rather than letting my ego get in the way and find a million reasons to dislike someone, I dissolve myself in the moment and experience the archetype in a stranger.

This was instant hook up posted at Thought Catalog. Follow them on Facebook here. While native inclination instant hook up traditional methodology have thus far proved to be totally useless, technology provides me hope that efficiency is just a free download away, instant hook up.

This week I reviewed six of the most popular free productivity tools in the App store: Everest,, Cue, Evernote, instant hook up, Wunderlist, and Nag in order to provide xoJane readers with the keen insight needed to make an educated choice about which App is best for you.

From traveling the world to getting in shape to learning Italian - Everest is a place to capture all your dreams, big and small, and focus on a few. Break goals into small steps, build step streaks, learn from others, and beautifully capture your journey from dreaming to doing. If an iPad and a Dream Journal made sweet inanimate object love, instant hook up, Everest instant hook up be their progeny. Still, I rather enjoyed my masturbatory foray into new-age self improvement and will be using Everest in the future.

You can even ask your friend for help! One aspect of and several other applications I decisively disapprove of is the option of sharing tasks with friends.

Results: is now, hands down, my favorite to-do list app. The push notifications are hella irritating though. All you need to create a Cue account is an email address. Then you can begin linking your Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Google Calendar, Facebook and all the other accounts that you depend on every day.

Cue displays everything you need to stay one step ahead: phone numbers, addresses, contact details, confirmation numbers, files and more. Insight: Cue and Everest are tied in first place in terms of sheer aesthetic value. While Everest satisfies a specific niche DREAMS Cue is more generalized.

You can make Cue whatever you want Cue to be. I found the most useful part of Cue to be its iCal integration; instead of staring at the rather dull iCal app on my phone, I can open cue and see how my day falls in chronological order, instant hook up.

Results: Cue is the only app from this list that made it onto my homepage. Every morning I enjoy waking up to a neatly organized instant hook up, and for the first time in my life I am aware of the temperature before I dress.

Use Evernote to take notes, save interesting web pages, create to-dos and shopping lists, attach new dating sites in usa and PDFS, and so much more. Then, watch as it all synchronizes from your Mac to your smartphone, tablet and the Web, allowing you to find your memories at anytime from anywhere.

Clipping is fantastically useful for writers or anyone whose workplace firewalls their favorite non-work related websites like xoJane! These details are then automatically synced across all your devices via the new and supercharged Cloud Sync. Wunderlist is stylish, Aryan, and vair, vair judgmental.

Results: Back to the Audubon. If you want to fine-tune the alarm time, then simply press the instant hook up buttons again to add more minutes to the elapsed time. When your alarm time comes, Nag will sound instant hook up alarm.

For example: I tend to begin cooking, smoke, and then forget about cooking. This results in some very terrible food that requires A LOT of additional smoking to consume. I tried some of the free ones to find out. Secondly, what happens if one person wants it on and one wants it off? To make matters worse, some sort of nano-troll with Final Cut Pro skills does you the favor of compiling the footage so you can have instant hook up own little porn at the end!

Whatever, people will get wise quickly. Well, bodies are also earthly vessels for the soul and conscience of a person to dwell in and for us to experience a variety of other sensory pleasures and pains through. Yes, I know that sex is about much more than the affirmation of your own desirability, but golly, is it helpful in that regard. Putting aside my squeamishness about seeing myself have sex, I have serious concerns that this kind of technology will make sex more about performing at your most attractive self than at your most sexually gratified add photos to tinder. Sex is often an experience of every inch of the body, including the parts of it that you may not like but are integral to the enjoyment of you and your partner during the act.

Remember, there was once a time when you had to take selfies without seeing yourself and hope for the best! Needless to say, when the technology does hit critical mass, I will be opting out. Unless of course, Ira Glass wants to use it with me. She once went to divinity school for funsies. She blogs at and tweets at alanamassey.

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