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hooking up online

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Before you plug and play, though, there are a few points to remember. Keep your speakers in phase. Each speaker wire consists of two conductors, a positive and a negative. Most speaker cables are color-coded red and black to make this job easier or you may have a white stripe on the jacket of one of the conductors in the speaker wire.

Make sure you have a tight connection. You may prefer banana plugs or spade lugs on five-way binding posts because you hooking up online get these connectors nice and tight, hooking up online.

You need a long analog audio interconnect cable, which runs between the Subwoofer Out or LFE output on the back of your receiver and the input on the subwoofer itself. Tips for Hooking Up Speakers. How to Position Home Theater Surround-Sound Speakers. How to Mount a Flat-Screen TV to the Wall.