Tinder matches disappearing

This is what happened to people when Tinder ‘deleted’ their matches due to ‘technical glitch’ But finally the technical glitch was corrected and people couldn.
Mar 18, 2015  · I got a tinder match and it disappeared like right away. Discussion in 'The Vestibule' started by BaruchCollege, Mar 18, Tweet. BaruchCollege Star.
Does Tinder send you a notification if you've been to fret about the match disappearing! to do than stare at your phone waiting for Tinder matches to come.

Angels8: Tinder matches disappearing

Tinder matches disappearing Brooke hinkle tinder
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Tinder matches disappearing Please email inquiries grabski.info if you believe this is an error. If you have a mental disorder, should you mention it when dating? Closing and reopening the app fixes it for me tho. See the full rules in the wiki! Some users might not be able to log in.
Tinder matches disappearing Five minutes ago, I re-logged in and they were all gone. Some users might not be able to log in. Just before initiating intimacy? Need a photo removed? She most likely just swiped right without really looking at your pics, then when you were matched and she actually looked at them, she realized that she didnt like you. Browse work opportunities now.

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Need a photo removed? Blige dating an N. Search this thread only. Browse work opportunities now. Share this: Twitter Facebook Google Like this: Like Loading... Search this forum only. Some users might not be able to log in.