Parameter app_id is required tinder

parameter app_id is required tinder

Mar 02, 2014  · Facebook API showing “The parameter app_id is required still getting “The parameter app_id is required ” error on Facebook API login. 1.
Tinder API documentation. not supposed to use the user_ id for the parameter for token":"my_facebook_token_for_ tinder _ app ", "facebook_ id ":"my.
I have a tinder account and it won t let me login thru facebook. -The parameter app-id is required -What can fix this? Answer for question: Your name: Answers.

First order: Parameter app_id is required tinder

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Good first messages on tinder I retrieved the x-auth-token with my fbid and token. OMG Tinder developers are a disgrace, why in hell they still uses the inefficient-battery-drainer-amateur-sniffer-prone HTTP protocol!? Why is donald trump such an idiot? Has the API changed? I looked also in the database table and the token is saved. To generate an app access token, you need to make a Graph API call:.
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How To Create A Facebook App ID And Secret To Use With Your Wordpress Plugins (2015) parameter app_id is required tinder