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OkCupid is the best dating site on Earth, with apps for iOS and Android. Start meeting people today!.
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Help for finding which online dating service or dating app is best for you. The site uses your responses — and a math-based matching system — to pair you with compatible dates, promising a high accuracy rate as long as you know what you want and are honest about it.

OkCupid was founded by Chris Coyne, Sam Yagan, Max Krohn, and Christian Rudder, four men with impressive resumes. In addition to OkCupid, Coyne oversaw the development of grabski.info and grabski.info, two hugely popular websites that have received accolades from publications like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Newsweek. Yagan was also involved with grabski.info, as well as MetaMachine, Inc. Krohn and Rudder were responsible for two of the most important parts of OkCupid:the OK Web Server and the OkTrends blog.

Matches are identified by your profile and your responses to a series of fun questions generated by other members. The more questions you answer, the smarter OkCupid gets at recommending matches for you. If your answers match, the text appears in black. Getting started with OkCupid is free and easy, though paying for the site has its perks. OkCupid takes privacy very seriously, offering a range of privacy controls to members.

The measure of any good business is its ability to keep up with new trends and changes in the industry, and OkCupid does exactly that. Note: See this page for a full list of past awards Disclaimer:, okcupid mobile site. While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our information at grabski.info.

There is a possibility that the information provided here is outdated or wrong, okcupid mobile site, please check with the service directly for the most recent information. As always you should read your terms of service before signing up to any online service. This site is not responsible for what they say. Welcome to Dating Sites Reviews. United States, Canada, United Kingdom, International.

English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish. Free - Complete Paid Upgrade. Straight Gay Lesbian Bisexual. Single In a Relationship Married. Relationships You can Look For. Casual Dating Friends Long-Term Penpal. Become a member for Free! They think they can just get away with it. They are also the same company as grabski.info and a many others. Look up IAC and Match Group to see the companies under the same umbrella with probably the same terrible policies and no customer service.

I have used this promotion article for years. In my "settings", I have always chosen the privacy option that is supposed to allow only other site members to view my profile.

My personal info is not supposed to be seen by those not registered to use that site. However, I have just discovered that when someone searches for my user name in Google, one of my photos comes up, okcupid mobile site, and with it, a paragraph from my profile appears.

This is one of the methods OkCupid is using to advertise its site. I had a friend suggest I try it, and I am so glad I did! I did go through a couple duds, but then I met my love : [. The site is bogus. Many people feel there are fake profiles on dating sites, but "fake" can take on many forms.

Can you be more specific about how you think the replies were fake? I used OK Cupid for more than a year. I finally gave up because of all of the fake female profiles on the site. This is to hide their scams from the OK Cupid moderators. If you give the mods evidence of the scammers, they do nothing. Steer clear of OKCupid, ladies. I started on OKCupid a few years ago and the experience was ok. So overall I think OK cupid is an ok dating site.

OkCupid did work for me, just not quite in the way it was intended. So, without going into details, I made some changes to my profile okcupid mobile site resulted in it getting a visit from multiple moderators.

And then one of those moderators started talking to me and over the next few weeks as we got to know each other, we fell in love. She lives a thousand miles away and I never would have known she existed without OkCupid.

It takes a good long time for the machine intelligence engine behind OKcupid to start to recognise who you are and what you are looking for. It appears also that it does a much better job in matching by looking at the messages you sent than by the questions you answered. One problem possibly not anticipated by the creators of the site is that because the questions are devised by site users they tend to reinforce commonly-held but probably inaccurate preconceptions.

A lot of questions isolate particular kinks, which are always likely to be a minority interest. And many ask questions on trivialities like solving maths problems and other non-relevant data. Unlike some other commenters I think the use of false personalities seems to be a positive. It would appear to me at least although this I cannot prove that at least some of them may be being created by OKCupid itself specifically to give the machine-intelligence engine better data to work with for you.

You have to be very generous with regards to what you think of the photos. I have this app mutual dating app thank for not only my husband but my child! I found my PERFECT match!

OkCupid is classier than apps like tinder or POF. Not only that, but it is thorough on its questions for more okcupid mobile site matching purposes.

It was fun to personalize my profile. I kept it witty and fun just like me. Like any app there are people who are just looking for fun and something casual but there are others like us! Looks like I found it! It takes some weeding out but it was sure worth it for me. No complaints for OkCupid. I met my current girlfriend of six months on OKC.

OKC reads messages at will. Also people will visit you even with a profile pic then you click on them to see who they are and the profile does not exist. This is probably a moderator reading yoru messages. The site is horribly unfriendly to its members. The most annoying thing is having to laboriously sign up to a website, search for a suitable match and THEN be told you have to pay to contact them!

I am sure there are quite a lot of people I could be matched with in my area which is also another feature you are not sure about with tinder online profile other sites. Quite often on sites the people you see profiles of are fake.

OkCupid is the better option for free dating. I have been using what is hookup for a few years now. I have only seriously met one person on there. The other people tend to only care about answering the pre-made questions. I have found that many people are either not serious or they are only looking for a specific type of person. There is alot of vanity on the website. There are more scammers and spammers starting to pop up, but its not that difficult to sort through them.

Which okcupid mobile site actually slightly better than other dating sites that I have tried. Women have told me that their inbox can become full within a day and most people are not viewing profiles or the messages. They delete based on the images and they move on. Are you really interested in that many people?

My Email - OkCupid. Great chance OKC released or sold to third parties. Funny, apparently hardly anyone is single in L. The site is also inundated with fake profiles, what the point of that is, I have no idea. Lastly, hardly any messages from other supposed singles. OkCupid near me problem. When I do a search in any large city, and L. OkCupid full of scumbags.

A lot of them claimed to be in the military and after messaging a few times, they have a form sent to you so that actual talking can take place. I know because I asked some of my Military friends. I was also contacted by several married men claiming to be single. Upon further research I found out they were married. I contacted their wives. The rest okcupid mobile site how big my boobs are.

What a complete and total waste of time. Be careful on this site. To those gentlemen on there who are decent, probably the reason your not getting any results on there is because of these scumbags, okcupid mobile site. And some of the women are scammers too.

Consider yourself very fortunate not have been contacted and scammed, okcupid mobile site. Good luck to the rest of you. Reply to OkCupid full of scumbags. My experience is that many women on this site appear to lack good social skills. I like to joke, sometimes about sex, and okcupid mobile site women just freak out when a good laugh might be more appropriate. Sure there are losers here, but also winners. I know tinder logo png you mean, a lot of folks are "overly sensitive" to well everything!

I think women feel the same way grabski.info are so many men that sign up just to have more "free range" and like the games they play with as many women they can get under their "belt ". If people created their profiles with this in mind they would have much better results of what they expect from a dating site. I was on a "paid" site for a year and never dated anyone because the men were clearly grabski.info just liked my photo and was out for the challenge.

Very hard to date online for a female interested in meeting a male. Or anyone for that matter. The issue is - this is a perfect stranger. I do not know anything about them - really. No mutual friends, no family, school or work affiliations.

That said, I have been on one date in a year. The man has a well written profile and attractive photos. He also says in his profile that he looks better in person. As it turned out, the man and I had some mutual acquaintances. Also, he did not look better in person at all. There seems to be a great divide between the men and the women. The guys are looking for young girls who they could never land and are overly concerned about the age of the gorgeous women who actually agree to meet them.

I keep my profile on line. I am looking for a needle in a haystack. The men are looking for a fabulous girl using very poor bait. It is quite a bad state, for me anyway. Guys say how fabulous they are, how beautiful you look and so on. Yet the greatest effort they are able to make is "when you are in my neighborhood let me okcupid mobile site. I ask you, what grown woman in her right mind would get up on a cold morning to meet a perfect stranger in their apartment?

The guys are so lazy it is pathetic. Better luck at closing time in the worst dive bar! Come on real men! Are you out there? I want people to know they not alone in what they are finding on OK Cupid. They think they are all that and they are not. Men do say come over to their house to meet them. Then if you confront them on this crap, you are the crazy one. This seemed perfectly okay with this person. I said no and that he needed to look elsewhere.

Response from him, I have issues with men and I need help. This is only a few examples. And I state that I am looking for a relationship. That I am looking for a real human being. Sorry, but mothers need to raise okcupid mobile site kids better. They need to raise them to respect women and treat them at the very least like a human being. It is hard when you are on your own and thinking am I crazy, these people are lower than dirt. We are not crazy, this is complete bull. A friend met a guy who says his name is Gregory and lives in Riverview, Florida.

Also says he is in Iraq in the military. Sent a few pics of a guy with light brown hair and blue eyes obviously American. He sent the type of messages any girl would love to hear. I am sure he got help. Turns out, when they finally got a chance to talk, he is not in the military but lives in Iraq. Could assume a lot like, he wants to use someone in the States to help him get residency in this country, etc. Anyways, please be aware of people who seem to be too good to be true.

They usually are : What a loser! OkCupid Blocked My Account. I had the same exact thing happen!! I sent out a few messages. The next day I went to log in got an error "we are experiencing technical difficulties". I had a profile there and one day it simply disappeared. When I attempt to log on it state they were having technical difficulties but when my friend logged in, with no difficulties and went to my profile.

It stated that I had deleted and or disabled my profile. The only thing I can think I did wrong was message people. To contact potential friends. Okcupid mobile site in short if you want to create a profile and HOPE someone browses to your profile, go for it. If on the other hand you like to browse the profiles and contact people.

Then after you spend several hours completing the different sections, answering a couple hundred questions and then finally contacting a few people.

Then to have your profile mysteriously disappear. You too might begin to think "FREE" at OKCupid is over rated too. OkCupid Not so OK. The only time I got emails was when I posted photos. Some men were very complimentary about My looks. And then several told me that they wanted To "have sex with me -hard" and they used a different Vernacular.

Completely frightened off the site, considering The recent turn of events with the women killed In California because of some psycho. There was no obvious or easy way to report these Two creeps. So if you are a decent woman, good looking and fit, with a good job and hoping to meet someone Best hook up, DO not go on OKcupid.

Why do you think a lot of us go online? I met a catfisher on OkCupid. He was attractive and was in the same age range as myself. Every time we were supposed to meet, something came up. The first time he had to work. The second time he had to go to the west coast because there was a large theft from his construction company. During these three weeks of many texts and phone calls he was the "perfect" man. As I was not born yesterday I finally told him off and told him to never contact me again.

He said he was raised in England, but had an Irish accent, okcupid mobile site. Who knows who I was speaking with? I am done with online dating. Welcome to the internet, you got scammed, okcupid mobile site. They send matches from Michigan.

I get emails saying my new matches are in. Sames faces over and over under the heading new grabski.info never respond to my requests to change that.

The side advertising is continuous, sexually oriented and aggravating. Ok cupid is not ok - it sucks! Now I believe that gay marriage is OK and I support legal rights for gay couples, but I do not like in-your-face political pandering. Therefore, I will not be patronizing this amateurish company. Political correctness has to be stopped, and some gay activists have the integrity to agree, okcupid mobile site. Give it a rest. I have seen posts on dozens of other websites of people who had the same problems: accounts get blocked for no reason, no warning and no way to resolve the problem.

Now I recommend to everyone to avoid the site entirely. No site that arbitrarily blocks or deletes accounts is a site worth using. He must have hit the report abuse button.

My pictures are conservative, I use the site respectfully, respond often and have had several great relationships on OKC. But OKC is not responding so they will lose one of the nice girls that visits this site.

Off to real land dating where okcupid mobile site creeps lie. Same thing happened nsafinder tinder new for no reason. I met the love of my life on OKCupid!

Met the love of my life on OKCupid! Engaged to marry this gem of a man, and cannot imagine a healthier, more amazing relationship. Overall, it was a good experience. It was a pretty lousy site for finding an actual match, however, due to the more rigid and prescribed format.

I found that the addition of the questions on OKC goofy and useless as some of them are- at least you can choose what you do and do not answer was a great addition to the profile section, and allowed you more of a glimpse into who people really are.

Overall, I found that the okcupid mobile site of OKC gives you more of an opportunity to "hear" people in their own voice, so to speak, rather than reading word-limited responses on a form… IF they put the time and focus into their profile to say something.

This often comes more from how you communicate and in getting down to what really matters to you than in a list of more shallow likes. You like pizza and the local NFL team?? What are the odds?!? Yeah, some people mock a long profile. But many more great guys messaged to say that my profile was engaging, communicated a lot, echoed things they thought themselves, and intrigued them. I now have exactly the amazing relationship I described in my profile, from someone who read it, recognized that as what he wanted ,too, and took a chance in saying so!

Ok, do the messages work? Basically a site full of idiots and losers. Every Asian female, claims to be a feminist grabski.info are they waging war against males and if they are, why are they on a dating site looking for men? Also seems the majority of females are cougars. I guess they would like to rock the cradle if they could, okcupid mobile site. OkCupid Profile and Matching Questions. I spent en ENTIRE weekend setting up my profile.

Got through TONS of their hundreds of "matching questions" not only did I answer but explained all my answers. When I tried to log back on I got the message "Your account has been deleted".

I can not fathom that ANYTHING I wrote was even remotely close to offensive. Rather I actually DID skip some of their matching questions as I felt they went a bit too far about anal sex, Dating app without facebook, and oral sex for example.

I have continuously okcupid mobile site to log back on using Firefox, Okcupid mobile site, Chrome, different VPNS with different IP addresses, tried via my iPhone, downloaded their app and nothing works, still the same "account deleted" message, or on their app "the robot had a melt down". Has anyone else had the same problem? How did you solve it? DID you solve it? Did you also encounter awful as in NON EXISTING customer service? I just had the same thing happen to me today!

Everything was going great, had some great communication and interest but all of as sudden I am cut off while a friend has no problems. OKCupid is a site of cougars, bisexuals and perverted self entitled homely women and fake profiles.

This is a site for addicted attention hores who get off solely being looked at but never doing anything.

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I was on a "paid" site for a year and never dated anyone because the men were clearly grabski.info just liked my photo and was out for the challenge. Or anyone for that matter. Very hard to date online for a female interested in meeting a male. Problem is I forgot about them — and then they charged me for another six months. OkCupid has a good profile and match system, and you can search for matches based on location, age and relationship expectations. Woman Man More options… Please select at least one gender.

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