Pof down?

pof down?

Pof website not working? Do a site down test for pof.com in real time. Check now if this host is not found for everyone or just you.
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Pof down? 194
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Tinder sweden This, coming from a guy who looks like an orangutan. And……… Boom goes the dynamite!! And when I enter my email to send a verification of password it states it will send me one if it finds that email and hours have gone by with no email?? Mike Marcus you are an idiot, You mam was a ho., pof down?. POF is better then that. Casper the badass Ghostbuster. Servers not down ppl, sites been hacked.
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The Plenty Of Fish dating website is popular in the UK, USA, Canada and pof down? few other countries that becomes obvious when POF servers go down or experience sign in issues. The website creates millions in revenue by using advertising and then allows those looking for a date to use most services for free. Like many online dating services, you will find a membership for additional premium services like being able to see pof down? your profile is being viewed.

If you are having problems today, other than blocking abusive people, then let us pof down? exactly what features are not working. I have issues in logging in and I am not getting a reset link send to my email. Anyone having more luck with it? I notice something strange last night. I had my profile hidden and I was getting a lot of messages.

Looks like a lot of them were repeated strange. Now I can no longer search for people without having an account. Did POF recently change this? When I try to reset my password I never receive the email from pof to reset it. I have to keep resetting my password to log on. Even though I reset it to the same password evertytime. Snap me maybe we can kick it for next year. Hey, the app use tinder online saying it is unable to connect to the internet, but as I type this I am connected to the internet.

Will any good come from all of us sharing our frustration here? I guess all the single people like myself were hoping to not go into the new year single. Pof webpage not pof and on app says error occurred please try again when I try signing in.

I feel so low omg, pof down?. He hates you now Stephen. POF can wait a few more hours, pof down?, right?

Apparently pof is rarely down. Crap site in every way possible Because their useless. The site has gone down hill over the last few yrs. I finally got to talk pof down? the guy!! N they ho down on me!!! N not in a good way!!! It goes down for less than a day. Every time I try to log in it says wrong password. If you sign up through the data connection not wifi on your smart phone then it doesnt get deleted, pof down?.

No i am getting the same i prob bern removed. Will not accept my password or username?? Is pof down for anyone else today? Getting reports that service interrupted for many users. Pof app still very sluggish Uk. More than a couple. It happens from time to time, only temporary. Where have you been lol it happens all the time. Guess we have to go back to the old way of dating!

Im in Melboure Australia, and its down here too, AGAIN. Monkey see monkey do lol. I WAS SIGNED IN AND COULD NOT CHECK MY INBOX…LOGGED OUT CANT LOG BACK grabski.info ERROR MESSAGE… FROM FLORIDA.

I facebook dating group logged in on mobile, nothing works on there, site appears to be completely down. So tired of this. Sleep is looking like a real option soon fml.

I am in US. I have exactly the same problem in the UK. Pull a sicky lol. Sure you can, write yourself a note and leave it on your desk, then say you never got pof down?. Guess pof down eh.

I finally get a conversation going… and this happens. I totally want to cry right now!!! Fu pof we got this covered lol. Lol might be fate haha. Lol but I was mid personal coмвo!!! Guess I should start just usin okcupid again instead. How is ok Cupid never tried it, pof down?. Been down continuously every night for the last four nights.

I feel bad for those who Atually pay for this stupid servise!!! I was mid convo with the one person I wanted to talk to!!!!! Crap site in every way possible. Im having trouble with pof today again am logged un at min but cant get on messages or anything.

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These are things that could easity be taken care of with some good dental work and a healthy diet—but nooo. Other issues that can occur include registration, not able to login. The site is not actually offline…. And the escort profile is still on that site with nudity so i guess they would rather ban the guy who follows terms of use than ban the woman profile with nudity. When I sign up it wont take my information it keeps asking me to repeat the information.

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Unfortunately nobody care to protect people who want find a date. Found Jesus, stopped supporting hookups, started directing you instead to the cheesiest sex sites. Tried signing back up for new account. Like all online dating sites you need to have a valid email address in order to join. Add to cart Quick View. Its funny I cant log on because my password or e-mail is not on the register and cannot DELETE my account without logging on. I email them and no response. pof down?