Weird tinder profiles

weird tinder profiles

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Runt's gallery of thirty-three pictures of hilarious Tinder profiles that definitely got these people some action!.
Video embedded  · Jarrod Allen, 25, finds potential matches on the dating app Tinder and then painstakingly recreates their weird and wonderful profile pictures. FUNNIEST DATING ADS (Part 3) TINDER EDITION

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Melissa, the possessed demon. This guy who is totally blessed with his fake glasses. Mr Horsey to Strangers, weird tinder profiles, Toby Horsey to friends. The life of the party. This girl who just wants to be a slug. Highlighting flaws early on. Shannon, the work in progress. Mike the diamond encrusted grill wearing Great White Shark, weird tinder profiles.

Charlote, da real MVP. He seems like a cool guy. Nicholas looking for his first. I cannot believe some parents would call their children these names, but they did!. This mum who has changed the meaning of WTF forever. This person who loves cereal.

This no apps who has mastered the art of discretion. The grandma who weird tinder profiles and started naming U. Noah who has reached another level of consciousness.

The dad who totally knows how to respond to a text. Nana is a bit better. Jason who has had a dozen and straight dating app half babies to drink.

When drunk texts burst into song. The mother who totally gets memes. The father who knows how to have a good time. When I grow up. The drawing itself is actually very good!

Pretty sure this kid meant cook. A school assignment which required the children to write one sentence about their family. This kids drawing which is clearly a lighthouse. This kid declaring their love for the beach! This card that gets straight to the point. A thank you note from a kid to the fireman that rescued them. Well, what a lovely drawing. Just a friendly reminder to keep yourself clean. They were supposed to be turntables.

This brutally honest greeting card. Finally, this kids drawing that started off great but took a turn for the worse.