How many matches on tinder is normal

how many matches on tinder is normal

Jan 20, 2015  · Tinder review: a woman's perspective This is London, it's normal to have never met my neighbours, but is it normal that I might be dating them online?.
How many matches do you have on Tinder? I haven't talked to them all yet. Is this normal? Feed. Live Feed; If you have Tinder, how many matches do you have.
Peek Into Emily’s Tinder Account like me you’ve always wondered what it’s like for a girl on Tinder. How many matches do they get? (which is normal).

One was a scam artist, and one deleted her account after I messaged her. If you look particularly horrendous then edit it slightly. I had one match and it was only an accident that I swiped right and he matched me back.

I never talked to him. How many matches on tinder is normal probably be more efficient to just only swipe a few at a time for that purpose, but especially in the beginning, the swiping was kinda addictive I guess. I wonder what the likelihood is that I matched with you?

Every guy I swiped right to after the first week was a match instantly. Edit: Jesus, you guys say you swipe selectively?

I swipe kinda selectively, but opt for right if in doubt. Only about five respond to my initial message, never has anything come from my matches though.

How selective am I? I go through stages of being active for a couple days, then I get bored with it. Or am I slutty?!

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Need a photo removed? If you see a post violating the rules please report it. This is an archived post. How many matches do you get per week? Thanks for the laugh, that sense of humor might help you. All you need really is a decent self shot. Because most guys are pussies looking for sex.

Also, how many hookups have you had? About the bio, how many matches on tinder is normal, teach me master. I also used to have "I once made an omelet without breaking a single egg" up as my bio, and that one also got a lot of girls to message me like "Ok, I have to know about this omelet.

You living under a rock?

how many matches on tinder is normal

How many matches on tinder is normal - you

All posts must be directly related to tinder. See the full rules in the wiki! Subscribe to Globe Unlimited. So I joined Tinder this morning, just cause I was a bit curious about it all. Dilemma: Friend of my ex comes up: swipe or stay? Preoccupation with something else.