Best apps for men

best apps for men

One of my personal favorite apps for health and fitness is MyFitnessPal. This free app lets you count the calories that you consume everyday as well as tally up the.
Over 300 Real Portable Apps Over 500 Million Downloads Free, Legal, Safe, and Fully Portable No Shovelware. No Bundleware. The Platform.
A million apps just for iPad. Your iPad comes with powerful apps for the things you do every day. The App Store has a million more apps specifically designed for the.

Best apps for men - own good

Marvel, Air Force Major Carol Danvers has been kicking around the Marvel Universe for decades, ever since acquiring... KeepNotePortable - note taking and organization. Mnemosyne Portable - flashcard memorization tool. Media Player Classic - Home Cinema MPC-HC Portable - Lightweight media player. SlimWare Utilities SlimCleaner Plus Review. DOSBox Portable - classic DOS games to go. As with most fitness apps for running, walking, cycling, etc.

All apps are free of bundleware and malware. As always, the Pof deactivate and related utilities are open source and free! Please consider white-listing us in your ad blocker or making a donation so we can keep bringing you awesome free software. Skip to main content. Free, Legal, Safe, and Fully Portable. Accessibility View by Category. Balabolka Portable Freeware - read text aloud or save to audio file.

Dicom Portable - word completion utility. Firefox Accessibility Extension - Make Firefox more accessible. On-Screen Keyboard Portable - Easily access an on-screen keyboard. Virtual Magnifying Glass Portable - A full-featured screen magnifier. Development View by Category. AkelPad Portable - lightweight plaintext editor. Database Browser Portable Freeware - Database swedish culture dating utility.

DB Browser for SQLite Portable - Simple SQLite database management tool. Frhed Portable - free hex editor. Geany Portable - Text editor and basic IDE. HM NIS Edit Portable - NSIS development environment. IniTranslator Portable - INI translation tool. NSIS Portable - Windows installer and launcher creation. Sqliteman Portable - SQLite databases made easy.

SWI-Prolog Portable - Prolog programming environment. Q-Eye Portable Freeware - lightweight QlikView data file viewer. XAMPP - Apache, mySQL, PHP, phpMyAdmin, etc in one package. Education View by Category. Artha Portable - offline thesaurus. BPBible Portable - bible study tool. Celestia Portable tinder def portable space simulator. FreeMat Portable - scientific prototyping and technical computing. GoldenDict Portable - dictionary and encyclopedia lookups.

Gramps Portable - genealogical research software. Marble Portable - virtual globe and atlas. Mnemosyne Portable - flashcard memorization tool. Solfege Portable - ear training program. Stellarium Portable - portable planetarium. TypeFaster Portable - touch typing tutor. Games View by Category. A Dark Room Portable - minimalist text adventure. AssaultCube Portable - fast-paced, online, first-person shooter.

Atomic Tanks Portable - overly-powerful tanks blow each other up. Battle for Wesnoth Portable - turn-based fantasy strategy game. BYOND Portable Freeware - online multiplayer game creator.

Canabalt Portable Freeware - outrun the demolition of your city with just one button. Portable - fast-paced, vertical scrolling space shooter. Cube Portable - old-school first person shooter. DOSBox Portable - classic DOS games to go.

Freeciv Portable - empire-building strategy game. Get Sudoku Portable - interactive sudoku solver. Golly Portable - Game of Life simulator.

Hedgewars Portable - turn-based strategy, artillery and comedy game. Hex-a-Hop Portable - hexagonal puzzle game. IceBreaker Portable - wall-building-style arcade game.

I Have No Tomatoes Portable - run and explode maze game. Jooleem Portable - simple and addictive puzzle game with great music and visuals. LMarbles Portable - pattern-matching puzzle game. Lucas Chess Portable - chess trainer and player. ManiaDrive Portable - acrobatic arcade race game. Mines-Perfect Portable - a classic hunt-for-mines game with advanced features.

NetHack Portable - single player dungeon exploration. OpenTTD Portable - urban planning simulation. Pathological Portable - color-matching puzzle game.

Pingus Portable - puzzle platforming game. PokerTH Portable - classic Texas Hold Em style poker at its best. Pushover Portable - falling domino puzzle game. Puzzle Collection Portable - dozens of single player puzzles. Quick Blackjack Portable Freeware - play blackjack against the computer. Quick Bridge Portable Freeware - play bridge against the computer, best apps for men. Quick Cribbage Portable Freeware - play cribbage against the computer.

Quick Poker Portable Freeware - play poker against the computer, best apps for men. Quick Solitaire Portable Freeware - seven classic solitaire games.

Sudoku Portable - the wildly popular and addictive puzzle game. SuperTuxKart Portable - multiplayer cart racing. The Powder Toy Portable - physics sandbox game. Tile World Portable - engaging and fast-paced tile-based puzzles. Twin Distress Portable - color matching puzzle game. USB Sudoku Portable - the wildly popular and addictive puzzle game.

WarMUX Portable - turn-based war of Unix mascots. WAtomic Portable - molecular puzzle game. WinBoard Chess Portable - advanced chess engine. Wizznic Portable - brick-matching puzzle game. Xonotic Portable - fast-paced first person shooter. Zaz Portable - color-matching puzzle game. AndreaMosaic Portable Freeware - mosaic image creator. AniFX Portable Freeware - full-featured cursor editor. Caesium Portable - image converter and optimizer.

Cornice Portable - image viewer with slideshow. Dia Portable - full-featured diagramming tool. DiffImg Portable - image best apps for men tool. Fotografix Portable Freeware - lightweight image editor. FotoSketcher Portable Freeware - make art from digital images. GIMP Portable - Photo and Image Editor. Greenfish Icon Editor Pro Portable - icon, cursor, and library editor. Hot Spot Studio Portable Freeware - mix light to create art. IcoFX Portable Freeware - full-featured icon editor.

Inkscape Portable - vector graphics editor. Meet new people app Portable Freeware - lightweight graphic viewer.

JPEGView Portable - image viewer and processor. Krita Portable - Sketching and painting. Tinder removes moments Portable - Photo and Image Editor. MyPaint Portable - Digital painting and illustration. Pencil Project Portable - prototyping and best hookup websites 2017 tool. PhotoFilmStrip Portable - photo slide show creator.

PhotoFiltre Portable Freeware - image editing and effects. PicPick Portable Freeware - screen capture, best apps for men, editor, color picker, best apps for men, and more. PngOptimizer Portable - image converter and optimizer. RawTherapee Portable - advanced raw image processor.

Smart Deblur Portable - sharpen out of focus and blurry images. XnView Portable Freeware - view, organize and convert photos. Internet View by Category. DamnVid Portable - video downloader best apps for men encoder. Extension for Firefox - download the files and images you want faster. Ekiga Portable - softphone, video conferencing and chat. FileZilla Portable - the full-featured FTP client. Free Download Manager Portable - download manager and optimizer.

Google Chrome Portable Freeware - fast, simple, themeable browser. HexChat Portable - customizable IRC chat client, best apps for men. Instantbird Portable - customizable instant messaging on AOL, Facebook, Google, MSN elite tinder more.

Iron Portable - advanced web browser. Isotoxin Portable - multiprotocol secure chat. Juice Portable - podcast receiver and manager. K-Meleon Portable - lightweight, customizable browser. KiTTY Portable - telnet and SSH with added features. KVIrc Portable - full-featured IRC chat client. Links Portable - text-based browser, best apps for men. LAN Messenger Portable - peer-to-peer LAN chat and file transfer. Lynx Portable - text-based browser.

Maxthon Portable Freeware - fast, powerful browser. MicroSIP Portable - lightweight SIP softphone. Miranda IM Portable - chat with AOL, MSN and Yahoo users in a customizable interface. Miranda NG Portable - multi-protocol instant messaging. Mozilla Firefox Developer Edition, Portable - browser with built in development tools.

Mozilla Thunderbird, Portable Edition - the handy email client. Mumble Portable - voice chat. Best apps for men, Portable Edition Freeware - lightweight, customizable browser. Opera Mail Portable Freeware - lightweight email client. PChat Portable - full-featured IRC chat client. Pidgin Portable - chat with AOL, MSN and Yahoo users in an easy-to-use interface. PopMan Portable - lightweight email notifier. Private Browsing by best apps for men enhanced private browsing.

PuTTY Portable - lightweight telnet and SSH client. QuiteRSS Portable - Standalone RSS feed reader. QupZilla Portable - lightweight web browser. QuteCom Portable - softphone, text, audio and video chat.

Sage Extension for Firefox - A full-featured RSS extension. SeaMonkey, Portable Edition best apps for men complete internet suite browser, email, chat, newsgroups. Skype Portable Freeware - instant messaging, video chat and phone calls. Sylpheed Portable - lightweight email client. Telegram Desktop Portable - secure instant messaging. Transmission-Qt Portable - fast, easy, free bittorrent client. TweetDeck Portable Freeware - twitter client. WackGet Portable - simple download manager.

WinSCP Portable - SFTP, FTP and SCP client. WinWGet Portable - take and manage your downloads on the best apps for men. AIMP Portable freeware - Music player, library, converter and more. Audacity Portable - A simple audio editor and recorder. AutoDrum Portable - automatic drum accompanist. Avidemux Portable -simple video editor. CDEx Portable - cd audio extraction and conversion. DVDStyler Portable - DVD menu authoring tool, best apps for men. InfraRecorder Portable - full-featured CD and DVD burner.

LMMS Linux MultiMedia Studio Portable - music creation and production. Media Player Classic - Home Cinema MPC-HC Portable - Lightweight media player. MediaInfo Portable - media information utility. MuseScore Portable - music composition and notation. MusicBrainz Picard Portable - audio file tagger. Paul Stretch Portable - extreme audio stretching. SMPlayer Portable - Full-featured movie player with support for most video formats.

Songbird Portable - Full-featured digital media library and player. TAudioConverter Portable - audio converter and cd extractor. TEncoder Video Converter Portable - convert, rip, and download video. VirtualDub Portable - video processing and capture utility. VLC Media Player Portable - An easy to use media player that plays many formats. WaveShop Portable - bit-perfect audio editor.

XMPlay Portable Freeware - Full featured audio player and library. Office View by Category. A Note Portable - lightweight sticky notes.

AbiWord Portable - a best apps for men word processor compatible with Microsoft Word files. Apache OpenOffice Portable - word processor, spreadsheet, presentations with Microsoft compatibility.

BabelPad Portable Freeware - Unicode word processor and text editor. CherryTree Portable - hierarchical note-taker and organizer. CintaNotes Portable Freeware - lightweight note-taker. CuteMarkEd Portable - simple markdown editor. Evince Portable - document viewer pdf, ps, djvu, tiff, dvi.

Finance Explorer Portable Freeware - personal financial management. FocusWriter Portable - distraction-free word processor. Foxit Reader Portable Freeware - small and fast PDF reader. GnuCash Portable - accounting, expenses and financial management. Gnumeric Portable - full-featured spreadsheet. Jarte Portable Freeware - lightweight, tabbed word processor.

KchmViewer Portable - full-featured CHM viewer. KeepNotePortable - note taking and organization. LibreOffice Portable - word processor, you need to login to use tinder, presentations with excellent compatibility. Money Manager Best apps for men Portable - easy-to-use personal finance software.

Mozilla Sunbird, Portable Edition - Calendar and task management with a familiar interface. PDFTK Builder Portable - split, collate, watermark and password protect PDF documents. PDF-XChange Viewer Portable Freeware - PDF viewer. PNotes Portable - sticky notes to go.

RedNotebook Portable - modern journal and diary. Scribus Portable - desktop publishing. Sigil Portable - WYSIWYG ebook editor.

SpeedCrunch Portable - an intuitive algebraic calculator. Stickies Portable Freeware - lightweight sticky notes. Sumatra PDF Portable - PDF, Comic Book, and E-book Reader. Task Coach Portable - to do list and task manager. The Guide Portable - two-pane outliner. WinDjView Portable - a lightweight DjVu viewer. ZoomIt Portable Freeware - live screen zooming and annotation. Security View by Category. ClamWin Portable - Antivirus on the go. Eraser Portable - securely delete files and data.

EraserDrop Portable - easily secure-erase files and data. GPG Plugin Portable - GnuPG encrypt and sign utility. HijackThis Portable - Browser hijack scanner. Kaspersky TDSSKiller Portable Freeware - Rootkit remover.

KeePass Password Safe Portable - Secure, easy-to-use password manager. Password Gorilla Portable - Secure password manager. Password Safe Portable - Secure password manager. PeerBlock - firewall based on IP blacklists and whitelist.

PWGen Portable - Secure password generator. VeraCrypt Portable - free disk encryption. Utilities View by Category. Ant Renamer Portable - Advanced file renaming utility.

AquaSnap Portable Freeware tinder is down Screen productivity enhancement. Autoruns Portable Freeware - configure autorunning apps and more.

BabelMap Portable Freeware - Unicode character browser. BleachBit Portable - cache, app websites file and history cleaner. CamStudio Portable - screen recorder and video producer.

Clicky Gone Portable - easily hide running windows. Command Prompt Portable - Simple link to a customizable command prompt. Console Portable - console window enhancement. ControlPad Portable Freeware - Run commands and apps with your numeric keypad, best apps for men.

Converber Portable Freeware - convert units of measurement. ConvertAll Portable - convert units of measurement. Cook Timer Portable - simple countdown timer. CPU-Z Portable Freeware - system profiler. CrystalDiskInfo Portable - disk health monitoring tool. CrystalDiskMark Portable - disk benchmark utility. CubicExplorer Portable - advanced file manager. Daphne Portable - process explorer, killer and debugger. DebugView Portable Freeware dating apps besides tinder system debug output monitor.

Diffpdf Portable - compare PDFs textually and visually. Disk Cleaner Portable - cache, temp file and history cleaner. Ditto Portable - clipboard manager and extender. Portable - one-click application hider. NET frameworks are installed. DTaskManager Portable Freeware - advanced task manager.

DSynchronize Portable Freeware - directory synchronization. Duplicate Files Finder Portable - find and remove duplicate files. DynDNS Simply Client Portable - update DynDNS hostname IP. FastCopy Portable - fast file copier and remover. FileAlyzer Portable Freeware - detailed file analysis. FontForge Portable - Outline font editor. FreeCommander Portable Freeware - easy-to-use windows file manager. FreeFileSync Portable - file and folder synchronization.

Free UPX Portable Freeware tinder lost matches advanced executable compression. Ghostscript Portable - Postscript and PDF interpreter. GPU-Z Portable Freeware - graphics system profiler. Gridy Portable - snap your open windows to a grid. HDHacker Portable Freeware - MBR and boot sector manager.

IObit Uninstaller Portable Freeware - uninstaller and cleaner. IObit Unlocker Portable Freeware - unlock undeleteable and unmovable files. JkDefrag Portable - Disk defragmentation and optimization. Lightscreen Portable - easy to use screenshot tool. Listary Portable Freeware - find-as-you-type search for Windows Explorer and more.

PCI-Z Portable Freeware - pci devices profiler. PeaZip Portable - Easy to use file archiver and compressor. Process Explorer Portable Freeware - task manager and process analyzer. Process Hacker Portable - advanced task manager.

Best apps for men Monitor Portable Freeware - real-time file, registry and process monitor. Q-Dir Portable Freeware - quad pane file manager. QwikMark Portable Freeware - quick system benchmark. RAMMap Portable Freeware - physical memory usage analyzer, best apps for men. RBTray Portable - minimize apps to the system tray.

RegAlyzer Portable - registry editor. Regshot Portable - registry and file comparison. Rufus Portable - format and create bootable USB drives. Revo Uninstaller Portable Freeware - easy to use uninstaller. Shortcuts Search And Replace Portable - Okcupid vs tinder and adjust shortcut paths. Smart Defrag Portable Freeware - disk defragmentation and optimization. SnapTimer Portable Freeware - countdown timer. SpeedyFox Portable Freeware - speed up Firefox, Thunderbird and more.

SSD-Z Portable Freeware - SSD information tool. Synkron Portable - file and directory synchronization. System Explorer Portable Freeware - task manager and process analyzer. TCPView Portable Freeware - TCP connection analysis. TeamViewer Portable Freeware - remote PC support and screen-sharing. Texter Portable - text substitution utility. TidyTabs Portable Freeware - tabbed window manager.

Toucan - backup, sync and encrypt for advanced users. TreeSize Free Portable Freeware - disk usage analyzer and cleanup tool. TyperTask Portable Freeware - text substitution utility. UNetbootin Portable - create bootable Linux USB drives. UltraDefrag Portable - Disk defragmentation and optimization. UUID-GUID Generator Portable - generate unique identifiers. Virtual Volumes View Portable - drive and disk cataloger. VirtuaWin Portable - virtual desktop manager.

WhatChanged Portable Freeware - registry and file change tracker. WhoDat Portable - WHOIS lookup client. WinDirStat Portable - disk usage analyzer and cleanup tool. Windows Error Lookup Tool Portable Freeware - find windows error code details. WinPenguins Portable - penguins running around your desktop. WinMerge Portable - file comparison and merging.

Wise Data Recovery Portable Freeware - data and file recovery. Wise Disk Cleaner Portable Freeware - disk cleaner and defragmenter. Wise Program Uninstaller Portable Freeware - local software uninstaller. Wise Registry Cleaner Portable Freeware - registry cleaner and optimizer. WinMTR Portable - network diagnostic tool.

World Clock Portable Freeware - multiple time zone best apps for men. Workrave Portable - repetitive stress injury prevention.

Xenon File Manager Portable - portable file browser. XN Resource Editor Portable -lightweight binary resource editor. YUMI Portable - multiboot USB creator. Zint Barcode Studio Portable - barcode generator.

ZSoft Uninstaller Portable Freeware - uninstaller and cleaner. Select Language English Afrikaans Albanian Arabic Armenian Azerbaijani Basque Belarusian Bulgarian Catalan Croatian Czech Danish Dutch Estonian Filipino Finnish French Galician Georgian German Greek Haitian Creole Hebrew Hindi Hungarian Icelandic Indonesian Irish Italian Japanese Korean Latvian Lithuanian Macedonian Malay Maltese Norwegian Persian Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Serbian Slovak Slovenian Spanish Swahili Swedish Thai Turkish Ukrainian Urdu Vietnamese Welsh Yiddish.

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best apps for men